November 12


8 Digital Marketing Strategies & How to Launch Yours – Part II

By Skip Gilleland

November 12, 2020

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Launching your business in the online platform and watching how it grows can be challenging. However, with the right set of digital marketing strategies, you can introduce your business easily and successfully to your target market.

Podcasting or Vlogging | Find and Engage

Hosting a podcast can help you both find a new audience and keep it engaged over time, as the subscriber-based format inherently contributes to a sense of community and familiarity among your listeners. You can use these relationships to build a loyal following, which can lead to all sorts of revenue opportunities.

You may even see a spike in your site's traffic, as devoted listeners often seek out podcasts' websites for more content or information related to the broadcasts.

If you're struggling to close that gap between your business' presentation and its public image, give podcasting a try. It's a legitimate means to build a stronger brand foundation among those who aren't familiar with your organization, and bridge that gap for those who know you already.

Email marketing | Generate Leads

No doubt you’ve done some email marketing, but how effective is it in reaching your intended targets at the right times? Email marketing is already a great tool for generating more leads than possible through any other marketing method. You can also increase your sales and conversion rates.

If you’re already suffering from overspending on other digital marketing, email marketing is one of the most affordable methods out there. In some cases, it’s free, unless using outsourced services.

Since you can combine it with other media, it’s also one of the most integrated marketing methods. You can add social share icons, plus referral reward systems. Email marketing ultimately helps you shorten your sales cycles when using compelling content.

Remarketing and Marketing Automation | Interact with Leads

Another critical aspect of digital marketing is going after prospects again with marketing content if they didn’t respond to your site’s banner ads the first time. This works by tracking these visitors through cookies and creating new ads on related sites.

You can also create new ads on your site to better target your prospects. The information you get from your site visitors gives you valuable data to tweak your ads to their pain points.

With 91% of successful businesses now saying automation is very important to their success, you can get a vision of what the present and future of marketing is.

To become successful with this, try looking for a CRM platform with marketing automation built-in. These can work together well because your CRM already has contact information. Automating marketing content directly to your contact list helps you integrate your marketing all in one place rather than using disparate sources.

What’s most important with automation is to keep your content consistent across all channels to avoid brand confusion.

Paid Ads | Audience and Budget 

Most small businesses never even consider paid ads because they aren’t “free.”

But remember, nothing is truly free because everything takes time. And time is money.

For that reason, there’s no need to shy away from paid advertising. What you do want to avoid, however, is throwing money blindly into an ad network because somebody somewhere said it was good.

First, get to know your audience. Find the perfect social media platform where your most potential audience exists or engages more.

So the first step is to figure out which platform your target audience uses.

Advertising anywhere else will be money down the drain.

Next, you need to plan how much budget you want to give to paid ads and what keywords you will choose. Look for keywords with a lower cost per click so that you will get more clicks before your budget is depleted. Also look for keywords with clearer search intent.

You can also advertise on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.—which are often cheaper.

Just make sure your target audience actually hangs out there.

Wrapping it up!

The key to digital marketing success in today’s climate is to adopt the mindset of the consumer.

In other words, stop rushing yourself into the selling phase, and instead aim to solve their problems through free and valuable content that is relevant to your business.

Skip Gilleland

About the author

Skip Gilleland is the VP of Marketing at and is a CERTIFIED Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

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