March 20


Digital Payment processor steps up amid Covid-19 Outbreak

By Skip Gilleland

March 20, 2020

SANTA RANCHO MARGARITA, Calif. - March 20, 2020 -- __Tranzpay, LLC, a leading digital payment platform, has announced several measures to help ease the financial burden caused by COVID-19 for the company's customers.

As the epidemic of Corona Virus is affecting consumer’s confidence many small businesses around the country are on the verge of financial difficulties or worse.....collapsing. Effective immediately, Tranzpay will be waiving or reducing monthly platform fees for the next three months to assist its clients. The monthly fee reduction policy also applies to all new clients onboarding within the next three months. Tranzpay ‘s VP of Marketing Skip Gilleland states, “We understand that these are difficult times and call for drastic measures, we are committed to doing our part to reduce the financial burdens for businesses. Providing any relief to businesses is our top priority.”


Tranzpay provides small and mid-size businesses with electronic payment solutions. Since its founding, Tranzpay has focused on optimizing payment acceptance by providing payment models that meet each clients' unique needs. Implementing a global acquiring strategy allows Tranzpay to provide its clients with a customizable suite of solutions that mitigate risk and reduce cost. Staying at the forefront of payment technology, Tranzpay accelerates electronic payment acceptance by utilizing the latest in seamless integration methods; providing friction-less payment acceptance for clients and their customers. For more information, please visit (

Skip Gilleland

About the author

Skip Gilleland is the VP of Marketing at and is a CERTIFIED Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

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