DisburseCloud was designed to help increase carriers and MGA's bottom line all while improving your customer experience during the claims payout process by utilizing a real time digital payment platform.   No more hassle with paper checks and snail mail!

The Problem

When your customer files a claim, they are expecting to be able to have a smooth and efficient process.   Unlike the past, people expect to be paid quickly and with a method that they are accustom to using today.   

Customers don't want to go to an office to pick up a check, or wait for days to get a check in the mail.  They want options...ones that expedite them getting their money!

The Solution

tranzpay.io has created a solution DISBURSECLOUD that solves the problem.   

Now your customers can receive their claim payment anyway that they would like it.

Options include Direct Deposit to their account, Disburse Card, PayPal, ACH, Snail Mail and other popular methods.

Choose an integration option that work for you

We allow you to choose the option that works best for you and your current technology stack.

API Driven

With our API you can simply integrate the DISBURSECLOUD functionality into your current policy admin system and start paying claims digitally within days.

UI System

If you would prefer to use a system that has a User Interface, we have built that as well.  You can start off using this system while you development team integrates with your system.

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