Global Reach/135+ Currencies

Global Reach/135+ Currencies enables merchants and customers to transact in their own currencies, at guaranteed prices. Customers view prices in local currencies (e.g. Euro) on the merchant’s website and are charged with the exact amount displayed on-screen, while the merchant continues to operate and receive settlement in its base currency (e.g. USD). Tranzpay simplifies the complex procedures and eliminates the foreign exchange risks that are associated with foreign currency management.

Multi-currency Conversion enables merchants to:

Sell in multiple currencies.

Offer on-screen dynamic pricing in local currencies without assuming or imposing currency risks on international customers.

Conduct business and receive payment in their operating currency, thus avoiding the complex banking, accounting and technical issues related to selling in multiple currencies.

Monitor international sales activity through comprehensive reports, which reconcile all global transactions and currencies into one report.

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No longer worry about whether your payments are going to be deposited to you account the next day or whether your account is going to be shut down because you are on a PSP like Stripe/Square/Paypal

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If there is something that you don't like about our service, you can cancel without any cancellation fee or monthly fee charged.

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