Insurance Industry: COVID-19 Is Accelerating Innovation

 March 25, 2021

By  Skip Gilleland

It’s been over one year since we first heard about the coronavirus. One year ago, a lot of us were unprepared on how to deal with COVID-19. During the beginning of the pandemic and even up to this point, tons of businesses ceased their operations.

Ultimately, this leads to more people losing work and their source of income. At the same time, people also experienced community quarantines and travel bans.

Several businesses, including the insurance industry, have also been presented with new challenges. There were tons of issues that present insurers or insurance companies needed to face. Because of that, they were motivated to come up with fundamental changes.

The primary goal is to adapt to the various effects of the pandemic. Insurers have discovered better ways on how to take advantage of the technology to improve the insurance industry.

If you are interested in finding out more about these, you may read the article entitled COVID-19 Is Accelerating Technology Adoption, Innovation. Click here.

Skip Gilleland

Skip Gilleland is the VP of Marketing at tranzpay.io. and is a CERTIFIED Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

Skip Gilleland

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