NowCerts Integration allows you to accept payments within the NowCerts ecosystem....flawlessly

Accepting payments within the NowCerts ecosystem has never been easier.  With the current partnership between NowCerts and tranzpay, you are now able to natively accept Credit Card and ACH payments within the NowCerts UI.   In fact, you can VOID and look at reporting within NowCerts as well.

Additionally, if you need to accept payments outside of NowCerts, we have you covered there as well.   You can use our Virtual Terminal or our hosted payment page to take payments for anything you need.

No matter how you need to take a payment, has you covered!

Since utilizing, we have, all but eliminated our receivables.  We used to hear "We will mail you a check".   And it would take days or weeks to receive it.  Now we just say, "If you will give me your account information, it'll save you the trouble". has changed the way we do business.  If they want to pay with a credit card, they can and the credit card fee gets charged to them.  They are great to work with and I would highly recommend their services.

Scott Cornelius

Owner/ECI Insurance

The customer service team has been very responsive to our needs and they always get back to us in a timely manner when reaching out to them. rates are also very competitive

Blake Cabassa

Insurance Agent

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