Outbound Payment Solutions, Simplified!

Tranzpay's outbound payment solutions put an end to complicated payment disbursements. One simple and efficient way to payout vendors, claimants, contractors, and more.

Our Integrations work for YOU!

UI System

If you would prefer to use a system that has a User Interface, we have built that as well.  You can start off using this system while you development team integrates with your system.

API Driven

With our API you can simply integrate our software functionality into your current policy admin system and start paying claims digitally within days.

PCI Compliant 

We trust you doing business with us, so you can trust us as we are PCI Compliant through and through. Ensuring the safety of information is well-protected.


Secure and User Friendly

Our software enables extra security levels to ensure a safe payment disbursement process.


Disburse Payments from Anywhere

Send your payment via phone! You can sign-in from anywhere to payout your clients.


Various Payment Channel Options

Clients are able to choose the way they want to receive their payment. The current payments we work with currently are:

  • Venmo/Paypal: Instant deposit within either one of these modalities.                                                              
  • Digital Check: Claimant can receive a digital check within their email. 
  • Paper Check: Claimant is able to receive a paper check by mail.
  •  Virtual Debit Card: Instant issue of a virtual debit card that can be added to a phone wallet.
  • ACH: Claimant can provide their account and routing number, funds are deposited within 24-48 hours.
  • Instant Deposit: Deposit directly into connected checking account within seconds.
  • And more to come!

Real Time Payment Tracking

Check when your payment has left and entered the account of the payee, with full ease.


24/7 Customer Service

If you're facing any problems, we are available to guide you through any issue!


Book A Demo Today!

Book a call with us today if you are frustrated with how your payment processing is going.  

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