Did you know that there have been a lot of great developments in the insurance industry? Make sure that you will take advantage of these technological advancements. Make it a habit to keep yourself updated with the latest trends so that you will not be left behind. 

One of the major announcements that you need to be aware of came from the United Services Automobile Association (USAA). Just recently, the USAA launched a SafePilot program that enables individuals to earn rewards for safe driving habits. 

USAA SafePilot™ App

There are a lot of great features that you are going to love about this product. According to the latest announcement of USSA on its website:

“The USAA SafePilot™ app instructs, inspires and rewards safe driving habits to help keep drivers safe on the road while lowering insurance premiums. Members who enroll in SafePilot in South Dakota are now eligible for initial policy discounts up to 10% for signing up for the program, and continued policy discounts up to 30% for safe driving behaviors.”

As of the time of writing, the above-mentioned app available only on limited states, such as South Dakota, Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon. Do not worry as the USSA is making this available to majority states in the United States.

Keep in mind that the availability depends on the demand that the app will generate. If you want to understand this more, feel free to visit our site. 

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