October 7


Top 11 Digital Marketing Automation Tools – Part II

By Skip Gilleland

October 7, 2020

This article is a continuation of the post entitled Top 11 Digital Marketing Automation Tools – Part I. Discover the other digital marketing automation tools that you can use for your business.

6. Automatically nurture leads effectively with Marketo

This marketing software lets you drive revenue with lead management, mobile marketing, and more.

Marketo is a cloud-based tool for companies large and small that not only helps build customer relationships but sustains them as well.

There are no set-up fees, and the tool comes with a free trial, so you don’t have to commit until you’re sure it’s right for you.

Their first product was “Lead Management” in 2006, but the company has grown tremendously since then and now offers a larger variety of features.

7. Automate your inbound call analytics with Dialog Tech

Previously Ifbyphone, Dialog Tech is great for voice-based marketing automation, so that you can boost ROI with call automation and analytics.

You can optimize voice interactions with Dialog Tech’s tools by measuring your success and adjusting accordingly.

Features include keyword call-tracking, phone surveys, caller-profile data, reverse lookup, conversation analytics, in-call scoring, geolocation routing, voice broadcasts, SMS, and more.

Keyword call-tracking is a game changer for voice interactions.

Otherwise, you really have no way of tracking that kind of data over the phone yourself unless you’re manually recording calls and playing them back later.

And even then, you’d have to manually track how those customers reacted after hearing certain keywords.

Unfortunately, they don’t publish their pricing. So you’ll have to get in touch with them to get a quote.

8. Deliver personalized campaigns across multiple channels using Oracle Eloqua

Oracle’s B2B cross-channel marketing solution Oracle Eloqua lets marketers plan automated campaigns while simultaneously personalizing them.

The company was launched in 1999 with the goal of boosting lead generation.

Now, the tool has grown into an effective personalization device across various channels like email, video, and mobile.

Oracle Eloqua will give you all of the lead-management tools you need and segment your audience in specific ways to get them to buy.

Plus, you can track reports and insights into a buyer’s journey with just a few clicks.

Basic pricing for less than 10,000 contacts is $2,000 each month, while the standard plan is $4,000 every month. Contact their sales department for information about enterprise pricing.

9. Track your marketing interactions across all channels with Bizible

Bizible closes the gap between sales and marketing.

You can maximize AdWords ROI and use multichannel tracking to get a full picture of both sales and marketing metrics.

Big features include keyword-level metrics for AdWords as well as metrics for campaigns and ad content, UTM parameters, detailed lead history, custom reports, and integrations.

According to NGData.com, the cost is $500 per month for one AdWords account, $1,000 per month for up to 5 AdWords accounts, and $2,000 per month for unlimited AdWords accounts.

10. Let Act-On seamlessly nurture your inbound and outbound leads

Act-On’s cloud-based platform lets you connect inbound and outbound leads to manage your nurturing programs. There are tons of other helpful features too, like landing page design.

With this tool, you can take your revenue to the next level.

The company was founded in 2008 and first sold software through Cisco exclusively.

The professional package starts out at $900 per month for 2,500 active contacts, 3 marketing users, and 50 users in sales. You’ll get 30,000 API calls-per-day.

Enterprise pricing is $2,000 per month for 2,500 active contacts, 6 marketing users, and 100 sales users. You’ll also get 30,000 API calls-per-day with this feature.

11. Automate the customer journey with LeadSquared

LeadSquared, founded in 2012, helps small and medium companies align their marketing and sales efforts.

Capture leads from inbound email, online campaigns, and phone calls. Everything can be automated with one click of a button.

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