September 2


How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business – Part I

By Skip Gilleland

September 2, 2020

Over the years, digital marketing has exploded into a big wide arena, consisting of diverse techniques and strategies

Now, some marketers are overwhelmed and lost.

One of the main question is - where do we start? which platform?

There are numerous online marketing activities you can undertake to rein in more business, but it can also get a tad overwhelming. Seriously.

We’ve seen it repeatedly.

Clients know that they need to include digital marketing in their business plan, but they have no clue where to start and no clear idea of what the process entails.

Let me be honest. Not all online marketing activities might profit your business. If you want to start digital marketing for your business, it’s essential that you know the different channels that are available and how each will benefit the business.

In this article, team will outline distinct steps you can take right now, so you are better equipped to decide which digital marketing techniques your business needs.

1. Know the Different Types of Online Marketing Activities

Do you have a general idea about the different online marketing genres available out there? If not, it’s time you start discovering them.

I’m not talking about going in-depth into each activity, but just knowing the different aspects of digital marketing that are trending right now. As a business owner or marketing newbie, this is basic knowledge you must possess.

There’s a distinct reason why I’m stressing this point. If you aren’t clear about the different digital marketing techniques and what aspects they cover, you might easily be scammed by spurious marketing agencies.

I’ve heard firsthand accounts from some of our clients who had been duped previously. People might lure you with claims of getting dramatic results at a low cost. In all likelihood, they will just take your money and disappear.

You don’t want to lose your money, get frustrated, and think digital marketing won’t work for your business.

The truth is that digital marketing does work. But you must have an elementary knowledge on the tasks you need done so you’re not taken for a ride.

The best way to do this is by reading up introductory articles on the different types of digital marketing activities and the processes involved.

2. Have a Clear Understanding of the Cost Involved

While you’re learning about the different aspects of digital marketing, it’s a good idea to find the costs involved in each activity as well. Knowing the cost beforehand will help you better budget your marketing expenses.

Yes, online marketing can be done for free, but it’s not easy. It will take you double or triple the time and effort to get your business found online for zero cost.

If you have enough time on hand and you’re ready to put in some hard work, you can go for it. But do make sure it the best use of your time.

You don’t want to be whiling away your time on something that is not actively building up your business.

Remember that your time equals money. So be doubly sure that the marketing activities you’re engaging in are indeed working for you.

If you choose to delegate some of your online marketing tasks to an agency, it will help to know the approximate costs involved so you can plan accordingly.

3. Have a Distinct Idea of Your Goals and Objectives

Since digital marketing has diverse activities, it’s easier to determine what you want to engage in if you have your goals and objectives in front of you.

What do you want to accomplish through a particular digital marketing activity? Knowing the answer to this question will help you choose the right online marketing activity and a relevant plan of action.

Here are some examples.

Goal: Building a reputable brand image
Recommended Activities:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online ads such as PPC (Pay Per Click) and social media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Goal: Expert positioning within a niche

Recommended Activities:

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing (Publishing free eBooks, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Social media marketing

Goal: Lead generation
Recommended Activities:

  • Online ads (PPC and social media)
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Content based lead funnel

Keeping your end goal in mind will help you decide which digital marketing tactics you need to get started with.

4. Determine Your Marketing Budget

There’s always a tie-in between your marketing budget and the digital marketing activities you can undertake. Based on your initial research regarding the cost of various activities, you can choose the ones that fit your budget.

Note that you cannot expect big results at a low budget. You generally get what you pay for — nothing more, nothing less. Your end results, at least in digital marketing, are usually directly proportionate to the time and money you are willing to invest in it.

You can start with budget friendly campaigns to kickstart your online marketing. Then, as you build momentum, you can invest in big budget marketing activities.

If you are opting for a low budget activity, keep in mind that it will take more time for the campaign to roll out.

The results you get also might be staggered, and it will take a while for you to start seeing the effect of your marketing campaigns

In a nutshell, have a basic understanding of how much each marketing activity you require will cost. Coordinate this number with your marketing budget and go with the activities that you can afford right now.

As your business grows, you’ll be able to invest more into digital marketing and see better results.

5. Know Who Your Audience Is

Even before you get started with your marketing campaigns, it’s essential that you do some  market research to know more about your audience.

This task will help you unearth crucial information about your target demographic, such as:

Where they hang out online — social media networks, particular blogs or websites.

  • The  content they are drawn to
  • What activities they engage in online
  • Their interests and hobbies

There are tons of competitor research tools that can help you round up this data. When you identify the competitors in your niche and research their marketing, you will be able to dig up data about your audience base as well.

You can use these tools to get more input regarding your audience and this will help you greatly in your marketing campaigns. You will be able to identify which outlets would be suitable for your particular niche and the audience you are targeting.

So, you can see how market research plays an important part in your pre-marketing activities.

Finding the right digital marketing channels for your particular business is an important task. I hope the steps outlined in this article guide you along the right path towards digital marketing success.

Skip Gilleland

About the author

Skip Gilleland is the VP of Marketing at and is a CERTIFIED Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

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