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How Much Can You Save with Tranzpay?

Online payment processing services can really take a bite out of your profits. As your full service, third-party payment processor, Tranzpay offers a more affordable option that includes a secure gateway, a customer vault, payment validation and bank processing. Additionally, we
never charge extra for next-day ACH funds, unlike most of our competitors.

Do you know the percentage you’re paying for payment processing?
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With Tranzpay, you could be paying as little as .95% per transaction.

Online Payment Processing Features

PCI Compliance

Tranzpay is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and SOC2 certified. We have a dedicated PCI DSS compliance team that monitors merchants’ compliance. Learn More.

Tokenized Customer Vault

Customer data is safely stored in our PCI-compliant Customer Vault where information is tokenized to ensure the utmost security and efficiency. You have 24/7 access to initiate charges.

Payment Verification/ Authentication

Our service includes a seamless verification/authentication process for a speedier, glitch-free experience and fewer lost sales.

IP Restrictions

You can restrict access to certain IP addresses in your gateway configuration settings. This helps you avoid transactions from potentially fraudulent parties.

Robust Reporting

Tranzpay’s robust reporting application captures and logs all billing and settlement activity in detail. Once the data is implemented, you can generate a variety of management reports instantly.

Chargeback Management

You can conveniently review detailed chargeback details and manage next steps from your reporting/analytics portal. Use our tips and tools to efficiently resolve chargebacks.

Customer Portals

If you need an app/portal to help facilitate customer communication and payments, we provide this white-label service, enabling you to further enhance your customers’ digital payment experiences.

Branded Payment Page and/or QR Code

Let us know if you’d like a branded web page or a QR code to efficiency facilitate your customers’ payments.