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PCI Compliance

We have a dedicated PCI DSS compliance team that monitors merchants' compliance. Our certification ensures your security and reputation for continued growth and success.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing does not only improve conversion rates, it also improves and builds long-term customer relationships.  Reduce processing time, processing costs and risk of manual error with automated and recurring billing.

Advanced Reporting

Our robust reporting application captures and logs all billing and settlement activity in detail. Once the data is implemented, a variety of management reports can be generated instantly.

Customer Service

24/7 phone support.  Our team of experienced client services managers act as an advocate and extension of your business.

Convenience  Model

Our proprietary technology provides you with many alternative payment channels such as IVR, electronic invoicing, online bill pay solution in addition to the everyday payment acceptance methods. Allowing your clients to pay you from anywhere via any device

Next Day Funding

Keep your stream of revenue flowing by receiving your payments the next business day.  Next Day Funding delivers funds into your account the next morning  so you have immediate access to your money.

Tranzpay solves a business need for Diamond.  It provides the flexibility to either accept payments in a traditional fashion or let the customer handle payments themselves, and it’s packaged in a straightforward interface along with the opportunity to integrate into our core system.  The team is pleased with the functionality.

Brian Tague // VP of Operations

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