March 24


Scary Facts about payment processors

By Skip Gilleland

March 24, 2020

From my previous blog post "Using the wrong Processor Type" I discussed some issues that you could face using a PSP verse a traditional merchant account. In this post, I want to show you some additional gotcha's.

I spent a little time researching some of the terms from a couple of the most popular PSPs that you have probably heard of....both names start with "S". 


Company 1

plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles


Company 2

 a long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length, differing in color or texture from the surface on either side of it

Both companies have a role in the free market and depending on your business, maybe adequate...or maybe not. You are big boys and girls and can make that determination. I am just trying to give you the insight, do with it what you will!

 So, in no particular order, here are blurbs from the previously mentioned PSP) terms. Notice I am not making them a smaller font so that you have to squint to read them.

Company 1

Reserve for Holding Funds

We may withhold funds by temporarily suspending or delaying payouts of Proceeds to you and/or designate an amount of funds that you must maintain in your Square Accounts or in a separate reserve account (a “Reserve”) to secure the performance of your obligations under any agreement between you and Square. We may require a Reserve for any reason related to your use of the Services. The Reserve will be in an amount as reasonably determined by us to cover potential losses to Square. The Reserve may be raised, reduced or removed at any time by Square, in its sole discretion, based on your payment history, a credit review, the amount of any arbitration award or court judgment against you in Square’s favor, or otherwise as Square or its processor may determine or require. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Reserve, we may fund the Reserve from any funding source associated with your Square Accounts, including any funds (a) deposited by you, (b) due to you, or (c) available in your bank account, or other payment instrument registered with us. […]



Company 2 (click here to see more)

In certain circumstances, we may require you to place funds in reserve or to impose conditions on the release of funds (each a “Reserve”). We may impose a Reserve on you for any reason if we determine that the risk of loss to Stripe, Customers, or others associated with your Stripe Account is higher than normal. For example, we may hold a Reserve if: (i) your or your Customers’ activities increase the risk of loss to us or to your Customers, (ii) you have violated or are likely to violate this Agreement, or (iii) your Stripe Account has an elevated or abnormally high number of Disputes. If we impose a Reserve, we will establish the terms of the Reserve and provide you Notice of the amount, timing, and conditions upon which the funds in the Reserve will be released to you. In many cases, the Reserve amount will be the entire amount of Charges processed using the Payment Processing Services. We may change or condition the terms of the Reserve based on our continuous assessment and understanding of the risks associated with your Stripe Account, if required to do so by Payment Method Providers or Payment Method Acquirers, or for any other reason. We may fund the Reserve with funds processed through your use of Payment Processing Services, by debiting the Payout Account or another bank account associated with your Stripe Account, or by requesting funds directly from you.




When people are searching for digital payment options here are a couple of standard questions we see:

1. Uh, what does "suspended payouts" mean?  Let's break it down old school

  • Suspended:
    • to cause to stop temporarily //suspend paying you
    • to set aside or make temporarily inoperative //suspend the account
    • to hold in an undetermined or undecided state awaiting further information //suspend providing you with the money that was paid to you by your consumer and causing additional stress and owners don't need money until the powers that be say they need it. Ok, that is a little dramatic, but in essence, that is what is happening!
  • Payouts:
    • the act of paying out // You know, giving you the lifeline of your business

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I know that I said that there were a couple of standard questions, but if the information I just provided you on the first question isn't enough to cause you sleepless nights, weight gain, and hair loss....well, I will give you the 2nd most asked question in my next post. As a heads up, it has to do with the scary subject of "Holding Funds/Freezing Accounts". Yeah, now you see why I don't dump it all on you in this one post!

Skip Gilleland

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