October 21


Targeting the Right People: Effective Lead Generation Techniques Part 2

By Skip Gilleland

October 21, 2020

6 ways you can win at generating leads:

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your branding presence.

Social media lead generation is part of every marketer’s strategy—whether they know it or not.

For marketers ready to move beyond brand awareness and engagement, social media lead generation is a good next step. Collecting leads on social media will help you find people interested in your company. More importantly, these leads will help you keep in touch with potential customers—whether it’s to make a special offer or share news.

5. Paid Advertising

One of the most important benefits accrued by using lead generation is that of increase in sales of your products or services. Businesses that use lead generation programs are more likely to make more sales by turning leads into full-fledged customers.

Businesses today are heavily depended on Lead Generation as it enables the websites of such businesses to generate more traffic which may lead to the further conversion of such found Leads into Customers. This leads to an increase in conversion rates helping a business gain huge profits in the process

6. Marketing Automation

Most marketers like you feel pressured with time.

That is why marketing automation is a big help.

With targets to meet and objectives to achieve, time can be one of the biggest bottlenecks to your business’s growth.

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate some aspects of your lead generation and marketing process -- gives your business the ability to produce better lead gen results without the time investment of traditional outreach and sales.

Just a few years ago, marketing automation was new technology and wasn’t widely used. Over the last 10 years, a huge number of marketing automation platforms have appeared, aimed at everyone from bloggers to large enterprises to market more effectively while saving time.

Most businesses have taken notice. According to EmailMonday, 49% of companies already use marketing automation. Marketing automation usage is closely correlated with business success, with best-in-class companies 67% more likely to use a marketing automation platform.

In creating a new service, startups need to focus on fundamentals such as solving a problem or addressing a need in a new or different way.

As important is identifying the businesses or individuals who will buy their product – otherwise known as target audiences.


Skip Gilleland

About the author

Skip Gilleland is the VP of Marketing at tranzpay.io. and is a CERTIFIED Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

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