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and we will provide you the access to next generation of payment processing

Start GENERATING Residual Income's Digital Payment Platform provides new recurring residual based revenue stream for your software and/or referrals. 

"The potential of earning revenue powered by every transaction processed through your software or referrals are unlimited"

Partnership Types

Software Partner

Are you a software vendor that would like to integrate a Digital Payment Platform into your solution?  Start the integration process now to start earning recurring revenue 

Referral Partner

Don't have a software solution but still want to build residual income?  This can be accomplished by becoming a referral partner.

Single Solution Platform

Our digital payment platform help your clients to accepts payments within your software, or for your referral while engines work hard in the back ground providing seamless electronic transaction process.

Payment Types

  • Mastercard/Visa
  • Debit Cards
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • ACH/Echecks

Ways to collect Payments

  • In-store
  • Over Telephone
  • Text
  • Online - mobile Friendly
  • Self Service Stations


Whether a Software Partner or a Referral Partner, allows your customers to collect any type of payment on any type of medium that is available.

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Simply fill out our online application... once approved you will be sent our Software Integration Agreement/Referral Partner Agreement for electronic signatures.....then you are off to the races!

What our PARTNERS are saying:

Best of both worlds

“Combining the best of both worlds is an understatement [our software platform and tranzpay's payment platform]. This is the union of both sophistication and simplicity to create an empowered user,”

RAUTION JAISWAL  //  Insuredmine

Collecting payment with Ease

“We’re excited about the partnership with NLR Resources. Our business model focuses on innovation and efficiencies. Integrating the technology available through NLR aligns well with our goal of making it easy for insurers and financial services companies to communicate – most specifically, with millennial consumers who expect businesses to be able to communicate the way they want to—by messenger. Our collaboration with NLR Resources furthers our mission to blend the needs of digital and mobile-focused consumers with the rigorous compliance requirements of the insurance industry."

JAKE DINER  //  Founder of Elafris

Seamless on- Boarding of your clients to

Online Enrollment

Our online enrollment process eliminates the need of faxes, scans or emailing pdf's of any onboarding document. Our hybrid onboarding solution provides our clients with the best of the both worlds. The ability to have a direct relationship with an acquiring bank and eliminating the hassle of the onboarding that a traditional processor requires.

Partner Platform

 Our proprietary partner residual reporting portal allows our partners to review their portfolio and evaluate the revenue generated from each and every client

Payment Security and PCI

The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands. Tranzpay is level 1, highest level compliant, meeting the highest standard in electronic payment security. Utilizing's technology reduces the PCI requirements for our integrated partners.


Finding a way to stay one step ahead of the competition is always a top goal of an entrepreneur. Partnering with will provide you the access to next generation of payment processing. We are experts in electronic payments and never stop enhancing out platform to keep up with the fast-evolving Payment industry. Focus on enhancing your software solution by integrating to and leave payments and all its complexities to us.

  1. 1
    Fast Funding: Your clients will be funded by the next business is that for fast!
  2. 2
    Direct access to the card networks for instant authorization, PCI "customer vault" eliminates your PCI footprint, these are a couple of examples of the many benefits our platform offers.
  3. 3
    No Contract: doesn't make customers sign a long term contract, in fact we don't have them even sign a short term contract! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will I get paid for each referral?

How do you track my referrals?

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What if my company requires an NDA to integrate?

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