Robust Payment, Engagement & Reporting Options

The Tranzpay system enables you to engage your customers with friendly communications and reminders. Plus, you’ll have the robust reporting capabilities that put information at your fingertips.

Your customers expect convenient payment options across a variety of channels. Tranzpay delivers a broad range of payment methods so you can meet the needs of all of your customers.

Our electronic payment processing services include the following:

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards remain the payment method of choice for many consumers. Our fast and secure credit card processing makes this option as convenient and cost-effective as possible, and it supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

ACH/eCheck Processing

ACH payments and eChecks use the Automatic Clearing House network, which allows payments from banks and credit unions. This is a convenient option for customers who want to use bank funds to make payments.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems provide a convenient option for customers who want to make payments by phone but don’t want to wait on hold for an operator. This option is available 24/7 and reduces the burden on your call center operations. Multilanguage and SMS/text payment options are also available.

Recurring Billing

For customers that need to make regular payments, recurring billing is the easy way to facilitate payments. Use recurring billing to reduce the occurrence of nonpayment due to forgetfulness while providing convenient customer service. Our recurring billing options supports weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments made via credit card or ACH.

QR Code

QR codes have emerged as a fast and easy way to facilitate electronic transactions. Your customers simply scan the QR code using their smartphone to begin the transactions.


This option lets companies offer their customers a cash payment option at local retailers. This is a convenient choice for customers who still prefer to use cash.

Online Bill Pay

Online payments are a popular option. To maintain security, all credit card information stays in our PCI DSS compliant system. This is a cost-effective option, and you can choose to generate revenue by passing the digital payment cost on to your customers.


Electronic invoices avoid paper waste. Your customers will appreciate not having extra paper mail to sort through, and your company saves money on printing and mailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tranzpay payments PCI compliant?

Yes! Payment security is a top concern, and both businesses and their customers want to be sure that their information is safe. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) provide an objective way to determine whether your payment information is in good hands.

Tranzpay payments are compliant with PCI Security Standards Council standards. Additionally, our dedicated PCI DSS compliance team monitors merchants’ compliance.

Are Tranzpay payments secure?

Security is of the utmost importance, and Tranzpay payments are designed with robust security measures in place. Our tokenized customer vault adheres to PCI security Standards Council standards to keep your customer data secure. We also facilitate IP restrictions so you can restrict access to IPs associated with potentially fraudulent parties in your gateway configuration settings.

What reports are available?

Tranzpay makes it easy to generate reports on payments. Good decision-making depends on good data. When you use Tranzpay for your inbound payment needs, you never have to worry about not having access to the information you need, when you need it. Our reporting application captures and logs all billing and settlement activity in detail. We offer a variety of management reports to put the information you need in your hands, and these reports can be generated instantly.

Are payments verified?
Yes. Payment verification is essential for a glitch-free experience for customers, and it results in fewer lost sales for your business. Tranzpay system includes a speedy payment verification and authentication process.
How are chargebacks handled?

The Tranzpay system lets you review and manage chargebacks seamlessly. While some chargebacks are legitimate and justified, others are the result of chargeback fraud. Fraudulent chargebacks can hurt businesses and reduce profits. With Tranzpay, you can stay on top of your chargebacks. The Tranzpay online payment processing software system makes it easy for you to review chargeback details and manage your process for chargebacks through your reporting and analytics portal. We also provide tips and tools to help you resolve chargebacks efficiently. Our system has helped our customers reduce chargebacks by as much as 45%.

How does Tranzpay support customer engagement?
Customer engagement is a critical part of any business plan, and Tranzpay is here to help. Tranzpay provides an app or portal to facilitate customer communication and payments as a white-label service. This is a convenient way to maintain communications and provide reminders to your customers about payments. Just let us know if you need an app or customer portal.
Can Tranzpay options be branded for our company?
Yes! Branded payment options are a fantastic way to deliver a consistent customer experience and encourage trust in your company. We understand that you may need your payment options to show your company brand, and we can facilitate a branded webpage or QR code.
How much does Tranzpay cost?

Here at Tranzpay, we understand that control payment-associated costs is critical to your bottom line, and we pride ourselves on offering cos-effective options by removing the middleman. When you use Tranzpay for your payment needs, you can pay as little as .95% per transaction, depending on the types of payments you receive. In addition to offering some of the lowest card processing fees around, we never charge you extra for next-day ACH funds. That’s something you won’t find with most of our competitors.

Why is it necessary to offer so many payment options?

There’s no denying that payment options have become complicated. There are so many possibilities these days, from traditional ACH and credit card payments to new QR code payment and IVR payment options. As a business leader, you may wonder whether it’s really necessary to offer so many different payment options. If you want to satisfy a wide range of customers, it is.

Payment preferences vary widely from generation to generation. For example, you may have older customers who want to keep using the ACH or phone (IVR) payment methods they’ve grown accustomed to, and you may have younger customers who want to use modern options like QR codes. Preferences can also vary from individual to individual. Even if your business caters to a single demographic, you’ll likely encounter varied payment preferences.

If you don’t offer a range of payment channels, you risk alienating a segment of your customer base. Some customers may decide to take their business elsewhere rather than switch to a payment option they don’t like. Offering a variety of payment channels can also reduce the risk of nonpayment since customers have the convenience of selecting their preferred method.

Furthermore, offering an array of payment options doesn’t have to be difficult. When you let Tranzpay provide your inbound payment services, you have easy access to numerous great options.