Send Digital Disbursements Effortlessly

Waiting for checks can be a hassle. Tranzpay makes it easy to send online payments and digital disbursements using a variety of payment channels. By quickly issuing refunds, claims payments and other disbursements, you can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and retention, making it easier to grow your organization

Here are some ways businesses in a variety of industries can use Tranzpay for outbound payments:

Pay Bills, Invoices, Vendors & Subcontractors

Most businesses have a variety of recurring and one-time payments made to various third parties. You likely receive bills from service providers and invoices from vendors and subcontractors. With Tranzpay, you can manage all of these outbound payments quickly, securely and conveniently.

Disburse Claim Payments

For insurance companies, issuing speedy claim payments is a critical part of customer satisfaction. Policyholders want to receive their payments ASAP, and they often have diverse payment channel preferences. With Tranzpay outbound payment services, you can keep all of your claimants happy.

Process Customer Refunds

Customers may require refunds for a variety of reasons, from former tenants who need their deposit back to retail customers who are using a company’s return policy. Your business needs a simple way to process these refunds quickly and through a variety of channels, while keeping transaction costs down. Tranzpay facilitates your refunds quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment channels does Tranzpay support?

Checks don’t cut it anymore. Your customers have varied preferences, and your vendors and subcontractors have varied requirements. To help you meet these diverse requirements and preferences, Tranzpay supports outbound payments through a variety of payment channels, including the following:

  • ACH: Payment recipients can provide their bank account and routing numbers to receive funds via ACH. When using this method, funds are deposited within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Paper Check: If customers want a physical check delivered by mail, the Tranzpay system can process that.
  • Digital Check: Instead of a paper check, payment recipients can receive a digital check delivered to their email address.
  • Instant Deposit: When payment recipients can’t wait, instant deposits provide the solution. Tranzpay supports this with deposits that are delivered to connected checking accounts within seconds.
  • Virtual Debit Cards: Virtual debit cards can be added to a phone wallet. This is a fast and convenient payment option that appeals to many modern consumers.
  • Venmo/Paypal: Tranzpay supports both Venmo and Paypal payments, creating additional options for instant payments.
Which industries does Tranzpay support?

Tranzpay supports the outbound payment needs of a variety of industries, including the following:

  • Education: Educational organizations need a simple way to pay vendors. Tranzpay can provide it.
  • Insurance: Tranzpay can simplify your claims payments, supporting a variety of payment options to improve claimant satisfaction and boost the overall policyholder experience. Tranzpay can also support other payments, such as payments to vendors and auto repair companies.
  • Utility companies: Utility companies frequently need to pay vendors and subcontractors, and they may also need to issue refunds to customers. Tranzpay makes these outbound payments easy.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants bars and other businesses in the hospitality sector can leverage the Tranzpay outbound payment system to pay food vendors, subcontractors and other companies, as well as issuing refunds.
  • E-commerce: Online retailers that can’t issue fast refunds may see their reputations suffer as a result. Tranzpay make dispersing refunds easy and can also support payments to vendors.
  • Property management: Property management companies typically need to manage payments to a variety of maintenance and repair workers. Tranzpay makes it easy to disperse and track these payments. We can also handle your other outbound payment needs, such as deposit refunds.
  • Municipalities: For local governments, being able to track outbound payments is critical. Tranzpay provides the robust reporting and transparency you need.
  • Medical: Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities can rely on the Tranzpay outbound payment system to pay vendors and subcontractors. It can also be used to issue refunds to patients.
Are Tranzpay payments secure?
Tranzpay takes payment security seriously. Our outbound payment system is PCI compliant. We also have a dedicated PCI DSS compliance team that monitors merchants’ compliance. PCI compliance is the easiest way to ensure that your payments are being handled in a way that meets widely accepted standards.
How much do Tranzpay transactions cost?

The outbound payment fee structure varies based on the digital payment option (Paypal, Venmo, digital card, physical card, instant pay, digital check) chosen by the recipient. In many cases, you have the option to pass on the service or convenience fee to the recipient.

How can my organization track outbound payments?

Tranzpay offers robust reporting to ensure that you always have access to the information you need to make good decisions. Our reporting applications captures activity in detail, and you can generate reports instantly. We also provide a convenient dashboard that provides instant access to the high-level information you need, such as total disbursements, total paid, average amount of disbursement and disbursements by month.

In addition to robust reporting options, Tranzpay provides real-time payment tracking. This allows you to see when your payments leave your accounts and enter the recipients’ accounts.

Does Tranzpay offer an API or UI system?

We offer both! To help meet the needs of all businesses, we offer both a User Interface option and an API option. We’ve built a User Interface that provides quick, hassle-free access to our outbound payment processing services, and we’ve also developed API that lets you easily integrate our software functionality into your current system. If you want to use the API but want another option to use immediately, you can start with the UI system and then switch to the API option once it’s integrated with your system.

Does the Tranzpay system support remote work?

Yes! Many people know work from home, and they need secure access to the system their company uses. Tranzpay’s payment system can be accessed from anywhere. You just need to sign in using your secure login information, and then you can make payments from anywhere. You can even send payments from your phone. This option makes outbound payment processing easy for remote workforces. It’s also convenient for businesses with multiple locations.

How can I get support?

Even with the best payment system, you may occasionally need to contact someone for help. Tranzpay offers 24/7 phone support. Our client service managers are ready to act as an extension of your business and advocate for your needs.

What if I also need inbound payment processing?

Tranzpay has you covered! In addition to our robust outbound payment processing options, we also provide inbound payment processing options. As with all Tranzpay services, you can count on secure, convenient options for a variety of payment channels.