A Full Suite of Municipality Payment Solutions

Utilities, municipalities and other government agencies require a simple and engaging way to collect and send payments. Tranzpay can meet all of your inbound and outbound payment needs. Use Tranzpay to:

Government Payment Processing

Modern government payment processing systems can improve interactions between government agencies and residents. By eliminating hassles and delays associated with outdated payment systems, you can foster strong relationships in your community and improve the experience of the people you serve.

Tranzpay provides a simple all-in-one solution for your inbound and outbound payment needs. With our government payment services, you can collect fees for permits, licenses or other costs and pay subcontractors using a variety of convenient and secure payment channels.

Utility Billing Software

For utility agencies offering water, sewage, trash collection and power, a robust payment processing system is essential. With our utility billing software, you can bill customers and collect regular payments as well as various fees. If you need to issue a partial or full refund, our system can handle that, too.

Communication is also key. In addition to managing inbound and outbound payments, our utility payment services can support communication between your utility and your customers, which can help you build strong community relationships and minimize delinquent payments. We offer an app or portal as a white label service.

Why Use Tranzpay?

Tranzpay’s inbound and outbound payment system is designed to meet the needs of municipalities, government agencies and utilities. When you choose Tranzpay, you can count on payment processing services with the features you need.


Our tokenized vaults keep payment data secure. Rest easy knowing that our services are PCI compliant and that our dedicated team monitors our customers for PCI DSS compliance.


Our system is easy to use for both your team and the customers or residents that you serve. With our intuitive dashboard, you have everything you need at your fingertips.


Our system captures payment activity in detail so you can generate reports whenever you need them.


We offer omnichannel solutions with payment options to meet the preferences of a diverse population.


We offer a variety of fast payment options, including instant deposits, virtual debits cards and popular payment platforms for nearly instant transactions.


You can pay as little as 0.95% per transaction, and we don’t pay for next-day ACH funds. You can even pass on a service fee to your payors if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment channels are available?

Tranzpay supports multiple channels for inbound and outbound payments. Our options include the following:

  • Credit Card Processing – Our fast and secure credit card processing system supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card payments.
  • ACH / eCheck Processing – Collect utility and fee payments or send payments via bank fund transfers using the Automatic Clearing House network.
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are a convenient option for utility customers and residents who want to make payments over the phone. IVR payments provide 24/7 availability while eliminating wait times and reducing the burden on your staff. Multilanguage and text options are available.
  • Online Bill Pay – Online payments are easy and secure using the Tranzpay system. This is a convenient option for utility payments and government fees.
  • QR Code – Payors simply scan the QR code using their mobile phone to begin a transaction. For example, a utility company can offer a QR code as an effortless way to pay utility bills.
  • Digital Checks – Digital checks are sent to the recipient’s email.
  • Paper Checks – Paper checks are delivered by mail.
  • Instant Deposits – Send payments to checking accounts in seconds.
  • Virtual Debit Cards – Virtual debit cards can be added to a phone wallet to facilitate fast and convenient payments.
  • Venmo/Paypal – Your utility company or government agency can easily accept payments through these popular payment platforms.
Can Tranzpay handle recurring payments?

Yes! Many utility payments are due monthly, and a recuring payment feature can make payments more convenient for customers while reducing the risk of late payments. Tranzpay’s recurring billing options supports weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments made via credit card or ACH.

Are Tranzpay payments secure?

Yes! Payment security is a top concern for utilities and government agencies. Tranzpay adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), which provide an objective way to determine whether your payment information is safe. We also use a tokenized customer vault, and we facilitate IP restrictions so you can restrict access to Ips associated with fraudulent parties.

What reporting and tracking options are available?

We understand that utilities and municipalities need access to current information to power strong decision-making and support transparency. To help with this, Tranzpay makes it easy to generate reports on payments. Our reporting application captures and logs all billing and settlement activity in detail, and we offer a variety of management reports to put the information you need in your hands. Best of all, these reports can be generated instantly.

In addition to our robust reporting tools, Tranzpay offers real-time payment tracking that allows you to see when your payments leave your accounts and enter the recipients’ accounts.

Are payments verified?

Yes! Payment verification is essential for a glitch-free experience for utility customers and residents, and it results in fewer payment delays for your organization. Tranzpay system includes a fast payment verification and authentication process.

Does Tranzpay use an API or UI system?

Both! To help meet the needs of all utilities and government organizations, we offer both a User Interface option and an API option.

Our User Interface offers a quick, hassle-free way to access our outbound payment processing services. We’ve also developed an API that lets you seamlessly integrate our software functionality into your current system.

Does the Tranzpay system support remote teams?

Yes! With the rise of remote work arrangements, having secure access to payment systems has become essential for many organizations. With Tranzpay’s payment system, your authorized team members can obtain access from anywhere. They just need to sign in using their secure login information, and then they can make payments and access reports from anywhere.

What if I need support?
Tranzpay is here for you! Even with the best payment system, you may occasionally need to contact someone for support. Tranzpay offers 24/7 phone support, and our client service managers are ready to act as an extension of your organization.