Innovative Payment Processing Since 2009

Tranzpay was founded in 2009 by professionals who worked in collaboration with insurance technology providers. At a time when digital payments were gaining momentum, solutions that met insurance industry’s regulatory requirements were impossible to find. Tranzpay was created to solve this challenge.

With an extensive advisory board, Tranzpay built a solution that:

After creating a comprehensive and proven solution for the insurance industry, Tranzpay expanded to serve other verticals. Almost two decades later, Tranzpay is a trusted source for affordable, secure and seamless payment processing for healthcare providers, property managers, schools, government agencies, ecommerce platforms and more.

A Highly Robust and Compliant Digital Payment Platform

Ensuring the safety and security of payment processing involves complying with long-standing requirements for accepting and storing payment methods. These standards are set by card brands, governing bodies, payment processors, and private organizations. Non-compliance may lead to penalties, account holds, fund seizures, and potential legal consequences. As your payment processor, our priority is your business’s safety and success. We are committed to adhering to these requirements to protect all persons and companies involved.