Payment Solutions for Your Merchant Account

For online retailers, handling payments effectively is a must. The Tranzpay payment processor for online stores can handle both inbound and outbound payments. Plus, it supports a variety of payment channels.

Use Tranzpay to:

Beyond Credit and Debit Cards

Modern payment options have evolved beyond credit and debit cards. Although these payment options are still staples for online transactions, many consumers now expect other digital payment options as well. Tranzpay’s ecommerce solution supports multiple payment methods for inbound and outbound payments, including:

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are still the go-to option for many people. Our credit card processing system is fast and secure. It supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards are an alternative to physical credit cards. Users can add them to a phone wallet to facilitate easy payments. Tranzpay supports payments made via virtual debit cards.

ACH/eCheck Processing

For some transactions, it may be appropriate to make payments from a checking account. Our system supports payments via bank fund transfers using the automated clearing house network, eliminating the need for paper checks.


Many modern consumers prefer to using popular payment platforms like Venmo and PayPal. If you don’t support these payment methods, you may lose their business. Tranzpay facilitates payments via both.


For payments over the phone, interactive voice response (IVR) systems provide a convenient option with 24/7 availability and without wait times. This eliminates the need for live operators to handle routine phone calls. Our system also supports multilanguage and text options.

Online Bill Pay

Online payments have become the norm. You can offer them using the Tranzpay system.

QR Code

QR codes are emerging as a popular way to facilitate fast transactions. The customer simply scans the QR code using a mobile phone to start the transaction.

Digital or Paper Check

Tranzpay also supports checks. We deliver paper checks via mail and digital checks via email.

Instant Deposits

For fast transactions, instant deposits are ideal. Whether you’re issuing a refund or paying contractors, this is a great way to send funds fast.

A Secure Payment Processing Solution

Your reputation depends on your capability to keep your customers’ payment information secure. Since Tranzpay takes security seriously, you can rest easy knowing your online store and customers are protected against data breaches.

We do a few things to keep your payment information safe:

A Convenient Payment Gateway

Your customers have come to expect a simple and fast purchasing process. If you can’t deliver that, they may change their minds about doing business with you. Tranzpay makes it easy to provide a modern checkout experience that will keep your customers satisfied and coming back. We offer:

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods to ensure everyone finds an option that fits their preferences. Preferred payment channels tend to vary by generation as well as between individuals. To keep a diverse customer base happy, you need to offer variety. Tranzpay lets you do that.

Simple Refund Options

Sometimes, ecommerce companies need to issue a partial or full refund. If they can’t do so quickly and easily, customers might cry foul. With Tranzpay, it’s easy to issue refunds.

A Streamlined Experience

Tranzpay can provide you with a white label app or customer portal as well as branded payment options to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tranzpay handle chargebacks?

Some chargebacks are legitimate, but fraudulent chargebacks are a serious problem for ecommerce companies, reducing profits and harming your business. Tranzpay makes it easy to stay on top of chargebacks. Our online payment processing software system lets you review chargeback details easily. You can manage your process for chargebacks through the reporting and analytics portal. We also offer tips and tools to help you resolve your chargebacks. The Tranzpay payment process system will help you reduce your chargebacks by up to 45%.

Can Tranzpay help with customer engagement?

Yes! In addition to supporting multiple payment methods, we offer an app or portal as a white-label service. This is a convenient way to facilitate customer communication. If you’re interested in this option, just let us know.

Can we brand Tranzpay payment channels for our company?
Yes! We understand that consistent branding is an important part of strengthening your image and delivering a consistent customer experience. To help with this, we enable you to brand our webpage and QR code payment options for your company.
How much does Tranzpay cost?

To stay profitable, online retailers need to reduce their overhead costs, but online payment processing systems often take a chunk out of your revenue. With Tranzpay, though, you can rest easy knowing that you’re saving money with some of the lowest transaction fees around. We cut out the middleman to offer low rates, meaning you may pay as little as 0.95% per transaction. Also, if you need next-day ACH funds, you won’t have to worry about extra charges – unlike with many ecommerce payment processors. 

Does Tranzpay support payment tracking and reporting?

Yes! When you use Tranzpay as your ecommerce payment platform, you’ll always have access to detailed payment information. We offer a user-friendly dashboard that provides a quick way to see high-level information on transactions along with real-time payment tracking.

Our system captures transaction data you can use to generate reports anytime you need. This is a great way to analyze changes in your financial performance to keep ahead of trends.

Does Tranzpay offer an API?

Yes! An API is a quick and reliable way to adopt a payment system. We designed our API to make it easy to integrate with your current system. We’ve also developed a user interface you can use while you’re waiting for the API integration or as a permanent solution, if you prefer.

My team works remotely. Is that a problem?

Not at all! Remote and hybrid work arrangements have become common. Your payment processing solution should support remote teams. Tranzpay makes it easy. Your workers can sign in from anywhere and on any device – even their phones. All they’ll need is their secure login information. This ensures that only people who should have access do have access.

Is support available?

Tranzpay offers 24/7 phone support. Our client service managers are ready to act as an extension of your ecommerce company and advocate for you.