A Full Suite of School Payment Solutions

Educational institutions have many payment needs. The Tranzpay system handles both inbound and outbound payments using a variety of payment channels.

Use Tranzpay to:

Omnichannel Solutions

The days of relying on paper checks are over. Although some people still prefer to send or receive paper checks, many have become used to faster, paperless options.

Educational organizations that support these digital payment options prosper as a result. When you make sending money easier, you increase on-time tuition payment rates and encourage more donations. Payment options are also important for vendor payments and tuition refunds – by providing convenient and secure outbound payment options, you boost satisfaction and protect your institution’s reputation.

Tranzpay supports multiple channels for inbound and outbound payments, including:

Credit Card Processing

Your students or their parents may prefer to pay by credit card. Our fast and secure credit card processing system supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

ACH/eCheck Processing

Collect tuition and donations or send payments via bank fund transfers using the automated clearing house (ACH) network.

Online Bill Pay

Online payments are easy and secure using the Tranzpay system.

Instant Deposits

Send payments to checking accounts in seconds.

QR Code

Payors scan the QR code using their mobile phone to begin the transaction. For example, your organization may like to offer a QR code as an easy way to encourage donations.

Digital or Paper Check

Send paper checks by mail and digital checks to the recipient’s email.


Accept payments through these popular payment platforms.

Virtual Debit Cards

Add virtual debit cards to a phone wallet to facilitate fast and easy payments.


Interactive voice response (IVR) systems provide a convenient option for students or parents who want to make payments by phone. Multilanguage and text options are available. IVR systems provide an option for payments 24/7, are available without wait times, and reduce the burden on your staff.

Convenient Tuition Payment Software

Colleges, trade schools, private schools, and other educational institutions need a convenient and secure way to collect tuition payments. Tranzpay provides the ideal tuition billing software.

If you need to issue a full or partial tuition refund, use Tranzpay. It’s the one-stop solution for all of your tuition payment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tranzpay payments secure?
Yes! We understand that payment security is critical for protecting your students and your reputation. Your educational institution can rest easy knowing that Tranzpay is PCI compliant. Plus, our tokenized vault keeps your payment data secure. Lastly, we have a dedicated PCI DSS compliance team that monitors our customers for compliance.
Does Tranzpay verify tuition payments?
Yes! Payment verification is essential for a glitch-free experience for your students or their parents. Plus, it results in fewer payment problems for your school. Tranzpay includes a fast payment verification and authentication process.
How much do Tranzpay transactions cost?
Since educational institutions often have tight budgets, cost-effective payment processing is critical. Tranzpay offers some of the lowest processing fees available. Unlike many payment service providers, we don’t charge for next-day ACH funds. You may pay as little as .95% per transaction.
What kind of payment tracking does Tranzpay support?

When you use Tranzpay, you’ll always have access to detailed inbound and outbound payment information. We offer:

  • A user-friendly dashboard. This provides information on transactions, giving you a way to see high-level information.
  • Real-time payment tracking. See exactly when your payments leave your accounts and enter your payees’ accounts.
  • Instant reports. Our system captures payment activity in detail. You can generate reports instantly, whenever you need them.
Can Tranzpay integrate with our current system?
Tranzpay offers an API designed to integrate with your current system. We also offer a User Interface option. You may like to use the User Interface option as a temporary measure while you set up the API integration or adopt it as a permanent solution.
Can remote workers access the Tranzpay system?
Yes! Authorized users can access the Tranzpay system from anywhere, using their login information. This allows remote and hybrid workers to track payments and make payments from anywhere, even using their phone.
Does Tranzpay support communication with payors?
Yes! Communication helps your organization avoid payment problems or disputes. Tranzpay provides an app or portal to facilitate communication and payments as a white-label service. This is a convenient way to maintain communication with students or their parents and provide reminders about payments.
Can we brand Tranzpay for our school?
Yes! You don’t want to confuse students and donors who are trying to make a payment or confuse vendors and subcontractors about the source of a payment. We can support a branded webpage or QR code that reflects your institution’s branding.
What if I need support?
Even when you’re using the best payment solution, you may have questions from time to time. We offer 24/7 phone support to help with any issues that arise.