Tranzpay’ s Policies Regarding Merchant List (MATCH list)

The MATCH (Mastercard Alert to Control High-Risk) list is a tool used by credit card processors to screen potential merchants. Companies with a history of high-risk activity – like excessive chargebacks, fraud, or card brand rule violations – are placed on the MATCH list by their previous payment processor when their account is terminated.

When a company or individual applies to use Tranzpay Digital payment platform, we check the list to verify whether the company has had issues with payment processors in the past. If your company is on the list, your application could be denied.

  • How do I know if I’m on the list?
    Due to privacy and security regulations, there isn’t a way to check the list yourself. However, you can review for a list of reasons that companies are placed on the list. If your company’s history falls into any of the scenarios outlined in the reason codes, it’s likely that you’re on the list.
  • How do I remove my company from the list?
    Usually, companies remain on the list for about 5 years. can’t remove an account from the MATCH list. If you think you’re on the list in error, contact the banking institution that added your company to the list. They may be able to assist you with next steps to resolve any outstanding issues.

Due to restrictions set by our acquiring partners, is generally unable to approve applications for companies on the MATCH list. However, if this applies to you and you’re able to remove your company from the list, you can reapply