Healthcare Payment Solutions

Healthcare organizations are dedicated to providing patient care. To maintain operations, they need to collect payments and pay vendors. The Tranzpay system handles both inbound and outbound payments using a variety of payment channels.

Use Tranzpay to:

Omnichannel Solutions for Healthcare Providers

For many patients and their families, medical bills are an unexpected expense and a financial burden. Healthcare organizations can help patients manage their medical bills by offering flexible payment options. In addition to payment plans, patients may need flexible payment channels.

Tranzpay’s software solutions support multiple payment methods for inbound and outbound payments, including:

Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are the go-to payment choice for many Americans faced with unexpected medical bills. Our fast and secure credit card processing system supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

ACH/eCheck Processing

Some patients may prefer to make payments from their checking account without needing to write and send a paper check. Our system supports payments via bank fund transfers using the automated clearing house network.

Virtual Debit Cards

Tranzpay supports payments made via virtual debit cards, which patients can add to a phone wallet to facilitate fast and easy payments.


Many people prefer to use popular payment platforms for their transactions. Tranzpay facilitates payments via Venmo or PayPal, allowing you to give your patients options that make payments hassle free for them.


Interactive voice response (IVR) systems provide a convenient option for patients and their families who want to find out what they owe and make payments by phone. IVR payments provide 24/7 availability while eliminating wait times and reducing the burden on your staff. Our system also supports multilanguage and text options.

QR Code

QR codes provide a fast and simple way to make payments. Payors simply scan the QR code using their mobile phone to begin the transaction. In addition to using this as an option for paying medical bills, you may like to use QR codes in your campaigns to encourage donations.

Online Bill Pay

Online payments have become a standard that many patients expect. They are easy and secure using the Tranzpay system.

Digital or Paper Check

Your healthcare organization can make payments using either digital or paper checks. Paper checks are delivered by mail, whereas digital checks are sent to the recipient’s email.

Convenient Payment Software for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare organizations need a convenient way to bill patients and engage with them throughout the payment process. Tranzpay supports a positive payment collection experience for your patients.

Secure Healthcare Payments

For healthcare organizations, payment security is necessary to protect both your reputation and your patients. Your healthcare organization can rest easy knowing that Tranzpay takes security seriously.

PCI Compliant

Our payment platform is Level 1 PCI compliant.

Tokenized Vault

Our tokenized vault keeps your patients’ payment data secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you verify payments?

Yes! Payment verification can protect your healthcare organization from fraudulent payments and other payment issues while helping your patients and their families enjoy a glitch-free payment experience. The Tranzpay payment platform includes a fast payment verification and authentication process.

How does Tranzpay support payment tracking and reporting?

When you use Tranzpay as your healthcare payment platform, you’ll always have access to detailed inbound and outbound payment information to monitor your organization’s financial performance.

Our payment platform includes the following:

  • A user-friendly dashboard that provides a quick and easy way to see high-level information on transactions.
  • Real-time payment tracking that shows you exactly when your payments leave your accounts and enter your payees’ accounts.
  • Reports you can generate instantly, whenever you need them. Our advanced reporting options make it easy for your team to analyze transaction data and identify trends.
How much do Tranzpay transactions cost?

Healthcare organizations have high operating costs, but the payment processing system doesn’t have to be part of that. Tranzpay offers a cost-effective payment processing solution with some of the lowest processing fees available. Unlike many payment service providers, we never charge for next-day ACH funds. Your costs may be as low as 0.95% per transaction.

Does Tranzpay provide an API?

Yes! The Tranzpay API integrates with your current system. If you would prefer a system with a user interface design, we have that option, as well.

Does the Tranzpay system support remote workers?

Yes! Authorized users can use their login information to access the Tranzpay system from anywhere. This convenient option allows remote and hybrid workers to track and even disburse payments.

How does Tranzpay support patient engagement?

As a white-label service, Tranzpay can provide you with an app or portal. This is a convenient way to take payments, maintain communications with patients, and provide reminders.

Can we brand Tranzpay payment services for our healthcare organization?

Yes! Branding is an important part of building trust and delivering consistent experiences. We understand that you don’t want your patients to be confused about where their payments are going or where their refunds are from. Our payment solution supports a branded webpage or QR code.

What if I need support?

Tranzpay is here to help. Even when using the best payment solution, you may have questions occasionally. We offer 24/7 customer service phone support to help with whatever issues come up.