Competing businesses have apps. You should, too.

Apps have become the gold standard of modern and convenient customer experiences. Your competitors probably already offer an app. Now you can, too. Tranzpay can help businesses in any industry with an app that meets their needs.

Everything You Need

Our white-labeled app and customer portal options can provide on-the-go access to build meaningful engagement with your customers. The app and portal can be used to facilitate secure and convenient payments, and a whole lot more.

For example, insurers can use the portal and app to access ID cards, report claims, check the status of a claim and request roadside assistance. Utility companies can use the portal or app to provide a knowledge base with information on how to save energy.

Apps also have push notification capabilities. This enables you to send notifications, payment reminders and payment receipts.

You can also use push notification for risk management or customer service. For example, in the event of severe weather, you can send safety recommendations. There’s no easier way to keep in contact with customers. Contact us to learn more.

Key Features