Online Rent Payment Systems

Monthly rent collection shouldn’t be a hassle; neither should paying contractors. The Tranzpay payment solution makes it easy to send and receive payments via a number of payment channels.

Use Tranzpay to:

Collect Payments from a Bank Account, Card, or Other Payment Channel

Missed and late rent payments cause cash flow problems for property owners and managers. Tranzpay helps by supporting payments via a number of payment channels, making it easier for your tenants to find a way to pay rent on time. Our payment processing platform also facilitates outbound payments via multiple channels, making it easy for you to pay your contractors quickly.

Credit Card Processing

The Tranzpay system supports rent payments made using a credit card. Our fast and secure system supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Virtual Debit Cards

Users can add virtual debit cards to a phone wallet as an alternative to a physical credit or debit card. This makes it easy for tenants to pay rent quickly.

ACH/eCheck Processing

Many tenants prefer to pay rent directly from a checking account. With ACH and eCheck processing, they don’t need to write paper checks – and you don’t need to make a trip to the bank to deposit the checks.


These payment platforms have become very popular. By giving your tenants this option, you make it even easier for them to pay rent on time.


To accept rent payments over the phone, use our interactive voice response (IVR) system. This automated option offers 24/7 availability and multilingual support without making tenants wait on hold or burdening your team. Tenants can also check how much they owe.

Online Bill Pay

These days, tenants expect to be able to pay rent online. You can offer online rent payments easily with Tranzpay.

QR Code

QR codes have become a popular way to enable fast payment transactions. Your tenants simply scan the QR code using their mobile phone to start the transaction.

Digital or Paper Check

Tranzpay supports both digital and paper checks. We deliver digital checks via email and paper checks via mail.

Instant Deposits

When you need a fast payment option, instant deposits are a fantastic solution.

The Best Online Rent Payment Platform for a Positive Tenant Experience

Property managers often only interact with tenants to collect rent or handle maintenance issues. As a result, offering a positive payment experience is a critical part of providing a positive overall experience. Making payments easy and convenient is also the best way to avoid late or missed payments.

Tranzpay supports a positive tenant experience through:

Collect Rent Payments Securely

Your tenants are counting on you to keep their payment information secure. With Tranzpay, you rest easy knowing that we have adequate security measures in place.

We keep your payment information safe in a few ways:

PCI Compliance

We adhere to payment data security standards set out by the PCI Security Standards Council. Plus, our PCI DSS compliance team monitors our customers for compliance.


Tokenization adds an important layer of data security. Our vault leverages tokenization to keep your payment data secure.

Payment Verification

Our payment verification process quickly authenticates payments.

Protect Your Budget

Running a property rental business is costly. To stay profitable, you need to keep your overhead costs down and maintain a healthy cash flow of rental income. Tranzpay can help on both counts:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tranzpay handle chargebacks?

Chargebacks on application fees, down payments, or rent could hurt your bottom line. Furthermore, fraudulent chargebacks are a serious problem for some businesses. Our payment processing system lets you manage chargebacks easily. We offer tips and tools that reduce your chargebacks.

Can we brand payment channels for our property management company?
Yes! Your tenants may feel more comfortable making payments when the branding is consistent, as they’ll know who’s receiving the funds. We can brand our webpage and QR code payment options for your property management company.
How much does Tranzpay cost?

We cut out the middleman to offer some of the lowest rates around. In fact, you may pay as little as 0.95% per transaction. Plus, we don’t charge extra for next-day ACH funds.

What payment tracking and reporting options are available?

For landlords and property management companies, payment tracking is critical. When you choose our payment solution, you’ll always have access to detailed payment information. Our user-friendly dashboard provides quick access to high-level transaction information, our real-time payment tracking lets you know exactly when payments leave your account, and our system captures payment data, allowing you to generate reports anytime.

Does Tranzpay have an API?

Yes! Our API is ready for integration with your system. We also provide user interface options you can use temporarily or permanently.

My team works remotely. Will team members be able to access Tranzpay?

Yes! All they need is their secure login information to access the payment processing system anywhere, anytime, on any device. They can even track or issue payments from a mobile phone.

Is support available if an issue arises?

Yes! Tranzpay offers 24/7 phone support. Our client service managers are ready to act as an extension of your property management company.